Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Acquiainted with the
Disasterous essence;
Dealing it,
Inhaling, smoking, snorting, or shooting up
Crashing; crying; and depression until
Trying it again and again..and again
Ending up hooked on it; unable to stop
Daring your chances of living

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Mistake Was

learning the lyrics to your song
& bringing you into my sanctuary,
my peace of mind; my life. I regret
ever trusting you because you stabbed me
in the back. Im done with taking this.
Its hard
believing you when even you know, youre lying
through your teeth. The mistake was
your name and becoming friends. I gave you
an inch, but you took a mile. I put my
faith in you but now i realize i was
stupid for doing so. You dont care about me; i
thought we were best friends who told
each other everything but i guess it was
just a pretty little
act that i was too naive to realize.

Wanting More

and more
Getting high each time you
shoot up,
or swallow
the vicious nightmare
until you dont get the satisfactory high;
so you
shoot up,
or swallow
even more and more
to fly just that much higher.
Nonstop flying until its all gone.
Doing anything you can to experiene the nightmare.
Getting the amazing high;
feeling the fear, hopelessness, and rage
in your body from the horrible dream, the next day.
Trying it, Flying with it, Crashing on it, Wanting more of it.
It becomes a vicious cycle called addiction