Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Friend

A friend
A friend is someone whos always there for you
loving, caring, nice and true
they go through thick and thin
just to help you
You put your trust into them
Each one is like a gem
and if you lose one
its like losing a fortune
because they become a part of you
so its a portion that youre loing
Always keep your friends close
because it takes a long time to grow old friends
*this is for all of my amazing friends who have been there for me, so thanks*

Passing Time

Tick Tock goes the clock
as time moves on so do we
as we grow and change
we turn into new people
like blossoming flowers
we start small and weak
and closed and alike
but when time passes
we become clever and strong
and open and different
our owns traits shine through
people change and change
but dont ever forget who you really are
and what friends are true

This feeling

**I wrote this piece months ago**
meeting you was faith
becoming your friend was a choice i had to make
but falling in love with you i had no control over
without you i would fall to pieces
when i see you
I feel like theres a reason to live
Its because of you that i wake up everyday
and wanna keep going on
you just make me feel like i can fly
how do you do that
is it your smile
or your bubbly personality?
whatever it is, dont stop
they day you leave my life is the day i watch my heart
shatter on the floor

Monday, June 29, 2009

Slow Down

dont rush through life
theres no reason to

if you take it slow
youll know just what to do
pay attention to
life all around you
if you go slow enough
youll see everything is unique
take your time
walk down the street
and youll notice...
people's paces
birds faces
flowers blooming
airplanes zooming
or even a butterfly's erratic flight
through the patterned starry night
so stop and look around you
'cause you may notice things you've never seen before

This Life

This life i have
is just a stage

This life i have
is like a book
Each day is a page
that needs to be turned
Start each one as a new
each page is different
out-of-the-ordinary things occur
As you turn and turn
you never know whats going to happen
always expecting some special
Twists and turns
Lessons learned
This life i have has just turned

Whenever We're Together

I wrote this song a really long time ago but i thought i would just put it up

Whenever you look at me
You make all my problems disappear
everythings okay now that we're together again

you make me feel so special
me and you together
we crash and collide 'til we're in harmony
wheneve i see you
you make me feel like im on cloud nine
you give me the wings to soar above the sky
with you i feel amazing
whenever we touch theres a special kind of spark between us
your smile makes me wana melt right there
whenever i see your face
i find my composure
my heart beats faster and faster whenever im near you
whwnever we're together we'll make it last forever
together we're unstoppable
i wanna be with you forever and ever
we can do anything we want
if we just believe we can
whenever we're together


Gotta be who i am

no more hiding the truth
im gunna show you who i was meant to be
today is my day
no more getting bossed around
no more following the crowd
no more blending in with everyone around me
im gunna follow my own beat
im sick of the same status quo
im a different person now
im breaking free and flying away
so now i'll prove who i am
i'll stand alone from the crowd
show my independence from all of you
I'll never be mistaken for anyone else


Just live
live in the moments that take your breath away
always smile
smile like you're taking a picture
just laugh
laugh like theres no tomorrow
always love
love like you've never been hurt
dance like nobodys watching you
walk to edge and always push yourself
never stop believing
follow your heart and be different