Thursday, November 26, 2009

when you look at me

do you ever think of what we could be?
The sweet memories we could make,
or the thrilling breaths we could take...together...
or is it just me?
my heart melts, my head races, my hands shake;
all because you smiled at me.
Wont you just take my hand
and together we'll fly away
and make a great escape.
Put your trust in me and jump.
Take a chance and hold your breath
to fall into me.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What is this feeling

in the center of my heart
i feel like theres just a hole
and its been ripped apart.
I cry for you every night
wishing you were with me
cause we used to be so tight.
i miss you
and i dont know if you saw, but
what we had was true.
Moving on is so hard
when i know i want to wait for you
but we know its more than just a yard.
I use my 11:11 wishes on you,
my 4 leaf clovers cause im missing you,
and my shooting stars because im in love with you.
You were always there for me to catch me when i fell
you mean the world to me
you could always tell
when i was down because my heart was breaking
because everyone was always faking
about who they are or what they do
but u were always one that was true.
I wish i could go back in time and change this
because nothing can be worse than this feeling of heartbreak

Saturday, November 14, 2009

how do you

keep going on, when inside, youre hurting?
You put on a fake smile and say "im great"
even though you are the furthest thing from great.
Your heart aches and your head pounds
All you want to do is to fall through the floor and disappear
You feel defeated in every way possible and dont know what to do
You feel youre slowly dying a painful death
And sometimes all you need is a wake up call and realize, youre not the only one who has it rough

Im Sorry

im not perfect
im sorry that i fell for someone who didnt catch me
im sorry for lying to myself about how i felt
because the truth is that i was totally in love with him
but thats over
im done thinking non stop about him.
im done texting him all the time when i know i wont get a response.
i thought that fairy tales were real but now i know why they're labeled "fantasy"
my knight in shining armour turned out to be like every other guy out there;
some loser in aluminum foil.
im sorry i gave up my life for him and how stupid i was.
im sorry i even thought of waiting for him because i see hes moved on
and so should i.
im sorry i even took a chance because all im left with is a broken heart
and most of all, im sorry i never learned to say "fuck you" nicely

**not about me..for my friend whos boyfriend was a jerk**

Sunday, October 18, 2009

not a poem

hi no longer blogging poems or anything ..i dont know how to delete this blog so im just guna leave it alone can delete it from your pc or whatever...just thought i would inform u all all the poets out there: never give up and follow your heart....keep writing :) ...bye

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Here i am

and what you see is what you get
and what you learn about me, is what there is;
nothing more, nothing less
simple as life; live, enjoy, die.
These eyes dont tell lies;
they scream my past, present, and future.
You look deep into them, and you see right through me.
After one good look, youll know exactly who i am;
the mountains i climbed;
the bridges i burned;
the ways i walked;
and how i talked;
i dont regret anything i did because at that moment;
it mustve been something i meant.
I cant be someone, i am not.
And neither you or i cant change what was meant to be.
When i look in the mirror
i see the true lies
i thought were me
but then i realize they are the outline of my life.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Find Myself

remembering when we hung out everyday
doing homework, having laughs, playing
soccer, riding bikes. Remember
feeling bad for those kids
we watched sit alone at lunch, planning to
join them to make them feel wanted?
Remember finding me, waiting
for you, at your locker to walk to classes
together? We'd like teasing each other
and fooling around. Now i find myself
missing you being happy because
of the lack of love you recievce and give.
When one thing started, i dropped you
and left you in the dirt to slowly die out.
I watcha you from afar, hoping
our relationship will be mended in time
and i realize the mess i made and that
theres much more beyond this door
we have to fix. I do regret leaving our
friendship and i'm sorry for leaving
you out there on your own.


Drowning: the little girl from the past
who used to be so innocent and sweet. By
drowning the old, you resurrect a new soul..
A girl who is the opposite of that little girl..
first you stress about losing her. But then
you realize, it may not be so bad because
you found yourself and who you were meant to be.
Theres little to
no pain in leaving behind your horrid past.
Although you miss some of your old things,
you discovered new ones. You learn to
love again. Sometimes looking back on things,
you may realize how different youve become.
then your still thinking about the
paths you walked, the songs you sung,
and the leaves you crunched while stepping there.
And you think, Do i regret doing that, until you
realize, you cant live in regrets and the
"shouldve couldve wouldves"..just keep pushing along.
After realizing this, you become
relaxed into life and the fact that youve changed
from when you when young and naive to now
when youre wise and intelligent. You have been
drowned in love and wondeful memories that will never
and then you die from being suffocated in love,
concern, and friendship. And you feel successful
and glad that you have changed for the better. Youre
happy that you went through life knowing that you
were always loved by people who u loved and you
learn that you only need the ones who have proved
they need you in their lives.and everything is
peaceful and in harmony again


not knowing what to do
pacing the floors staring at the stars
looking for an answer.
It leaves me drowning in thoughts,
fears, and feelings
Wondering about life
what it means..
whats the point...
and how im supposed to make a difference.
Wanting to know how to make it better
...feeling torn up
Pressure building inside of me..
what to escape like a
scream from a childs frustration when
they dont get what they want. Having
mixed emotions.Stress building;
increasing inside of me. Wanting to
run away to a new place. Dont know
what to think, do, or say to make
it all better for everyone and me. I dont
know whether i should
cry laugh, smile, or break down.
*i wrote this poem a while ago...everythings fine now, though*

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Acquiainted with the
Disasterous essence;
Dealing it,
Inhaling, smoking, snorting, or shooting up
Crashing; crying; and depression until
Trying it again and again..and again
Ending up hooked on it; unable to stop
Daring your chances of living

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Mistake Was

learning the lyrics to your song
& bringing you into my sanctuary,
my peace of mind; my life. I regret
ever trusting you because you stabbed me
in the back. Im done with taking this.
Its hard
believing you when even you know, youre lying
through your teeth. The mistake was
your name and becoming friends. I gave you
an inch, but you took a mile. I put my
faith in you but now i realize i was
stupid for doing so. You dont care about me; i
thought we were best friends who told
each other everything but i guess it was
just a pretty little
act that i was too naive to realize.

Wanting More

and more
Getting high each time you
shoot up,
or swallow
the vicious nightmare
until you dont get the satisfactory high;
so you
shoot up,
or swallow
even more and more
to fly just that much higher.
Nonstop flying until its all gone.
Doing anything you can to experiene the nightmare.
Getting the amazing high;
feeling the fear, hopelessness, and rage
in your body from the horrible dream, the next day.
Trying it, Flying with it, Crashing on it, Wanting more of it.
It becomes a vicious cycle called addiction

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Set them highAnd dont be shy
to dare yourself and
have pride in oneself
Never stop trying
and become allying
with your good qualities
your imagination
even though youll face frustration
In the end, it will be worth it
And you will end up with mirth
Dont stop believeing because
you will be achieving
your wildest dreams
and it seems
that its a fantasy
but its really reality

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Can't Stop What Was Meant to Be

Its ...
...the brightness of lightning...
...the crash of a wave...
...the rise of the sun...
...the rush of a waterfall...
...the loss of a breathe...
...the touch of a heart...
...the fall of a rose petal...
...the boom of thunder...
that reminds me of us,
Our love is just natural

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let it Rain

Let the water fall down from the sky
And hit the sidewalk in erratic beats
Make me feel like i can fly
And make my heart do leaps
By letting your lips touch mine
and making me forget about the time
Tell me you love me, with all your heart
and never let us come apart
Let the rain come down
and just pull me close
Never ever let me frown
And let the sky compose
The stochastic music of rain drops falling
Almost like heavens calling
For us to be together, forever
Let the rain hit our faces
And hold my hand
Together, well go places
and never let go
Love me always and forever<3


What is happiness?
is it when all your dreams come true...
when you meet the one you want to be with the rest of your life...
when you are finally satisfied with your life...
happy with the friends you have and ones you love...
when you feel that you are finally right where you belong...
or waking up each day and being excited for the new day ahead, filled with surprises
...for me...its being accepted for who i am and im happy..truly happy


Pressure...building up inside
Peers... unapproving of you
Peer Pressure... pushing you to do things you dont want to do
Tests and quizzes...getting harder and mopre difficult
High Expectations...getting higher, going into space
Family issues... becoming worse and tearing us apart
Everything else...
Turning your life into hell
Making you turn to ...
the blade...
the pills...
the violence...
the sex...
the alcohol...
Starting a new cycle of problems
**not about me**


Sees what happens next
No matter how complex
Feels others' emotions deep within
And knows where to begin
Listens to hear what only she can hear
Even the lowest roar, no matter how sheer
Speaks with words of insight
And always being right
Tastes the kiss of death
Or the new life breath

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Never Good Enough

Have you ever felt like you were done?
Just turned around and wanted to run
'Cause you dont know which way is up
And you think that you just interrupt
'Cause you need to get away
Because you feel like a stray;
Lost and homeless
Just like a mess
No matter how hard you try, youll never be enough
And in your head plays, "yeah, thats tough"
Like youre a failure and will never succeed
At anything you do and will always have needs
Do you ever feel like youll never make it?
Just because you just dont fit
And it seems theres always someone, one step ahead
Better than you, in every way; so you feel dead
Ever thought: "Thats it im through
Because ill never be as good as you?"
But who are you to complain,
theres always someone with more shame
In what they do and how they act,
Or how people look at them and react

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Flying, Falling, Crashing

flying above the sky
to greater heights
with new things to try
and stars so bright
falling into the arms of one
falling for him
my heart, he has won
and my hate is dim
Crashing with felicity
Loving living in the moment
My life, perfect with simplicity
Enjoying life like a present

Monday, July 20, 2009


F riends are like diamonds, they are different and sparkle in their unique way
R egreting nothing with them and loving them forever
I wouldnt be able to live without these people
E ven though they are crazy, they mean the world to me
N o matter what, they'll be my my side
D efending each other
S acrificing time and love for each other

A friends is a person attached to another by feeling of attraction or personal reguard
R emembering stupid things that mean a lot
E ach one special like a snowflake

G oofing around with each other like little kids
O r comforting one another through thick and thin
D elightful to be around
S culpting each others lives in ways unimagineable

W arm-hearted and always sweet
A lways ready to help
Y outhful energetic people

O ne of a kind
F eeling loved with them around

"A friend in need is a friend indeed"
P retending to be superheros, saving the world
O pened up to talk for each other
L oving each other from here 'til the end of the world
O utgoing and daring
G reatful for one another
I nspiration comes from those who love you; friends
Z ero negativity with them
I mpossible to forget
N aturally sweet
G enerous

F orgiving at times
O riginal
"R eal friends walk in, when the rest of the world walks out"

F riends forever, boys whatever
A flock of birds that fly together are like friends that never leave each others side
M y friends are the greatest and i couldnt live without them
I ntelligent and hard-working students
L ucky to have them
Y our siblings for life


Sometimes you just want to run
run away to another world
where the sun always shines and problems dont exist
when you run away you leave all your problems behind
but you also leave the people who love you,
the moments worth living,
and the friends that mean the world to you
so as you leave behind the old problems
you make new ones
running and running youre never safe
theres always something waiting to hurt you
either way, youll end up losing the battle
dont regret anything and just live your life


ill forget you when
stars dont shine
people arent different
laughs dont exist
minds never wonder
the sun burns out
smiles turn upsdie down
the sky isnt blue
the grass isnt green
flowers never bloom
love turns into hate
thunder never booms
and rivers dont flow
thats when ill forget you and let you cease to exist in my mind
thanks for being so caring and always being there for me, J&J


Tomorrow will be a brighter day
where i forget today;
dont regret anything i say;
and never fret about betrey
Tomorrow wont be filled sorrow
Only smiles to keep and borrow
Tomorrow will be a day thats new
where i will carry through with promises to you
and always be true no matter what intrudes
Tomorrow will be a better time
where my dreams will climb to become prime
when all my worries and fears will be sublime
Hopefully tomorrow will come in no time

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Without You

When youre not with me
I fall to pieces
Theres an empty feeling inside of me
Having you not in my life, i feel lonely
Other than missing you, i return to my past; without you
Unadjusting to my new old life, i never imagined life without you
The time anticiapting your return is unbearable

You mean the world to me
Originally perfect
Understanding each other

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Rain

drop, drip
drop, as i watch
the water fall from
the sky, it reminds me
of a sprinkler on a hot summer
day, refreshing and cool; replenishing
and blue, drip drop goes the water slapping
on the ground, tapping on the floor with lots of
sound including claps and bright streaks from up in the sky
when the commotion is over, the skies turn blue and everything
is cool; the clouds turn white and light and a belt of radiant colors appear;
From the dark and driery olden days; to colorful bright todays

Someone's There

When i feel i cant go on
theres someone there
right by my side
to push me harder
he is always there to
to light and guard me
through the paths
that have created obstacles for me
I know i'm never alone
because i feel him always with me
hes there to protect me
i put my faith and trust into him
even though i cant see him
When im frightened
that i cant move
Its he, who relieves me of my fear
He is my guardian angel, watching over me

♥dad; always in our hearts♥

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Friend

A friend
A friend is someone whos always there for you
loving, caring, nice and true
they go through thick and thin
just to help you
You put your trust into them
Each one is like a gem
and if you lose one
its like losing a fortune
because they become a part of you
so its a portion that youre loing
Always keep your friends close
because it takes a long time to grow old friends
*this is for all of my amazing friends who have been there for me, so thanks*

Passing Time

Tick Tock goes the clock
as time moves on so do we
as we grow and change
we turn into new people
like blossoming flowers
we start small and weak
and closed and alike
but when time passes
we become clever and strong
and open and different
our owns traits shine through
people change and change
but dont ever forget who you really are
and what friends are true

This feeling

**I wrote this piece months ago**
meeting you was faith
becoming your friend was a choice i had to make
but falling in love with you i had no control over
without you i would fall to pieces
when i see you
I feel like theres a reason to live
Its because of you that i wake up everyday
and wanna keep going on
you just make me feel like i can fly
how do you do that
is it your smile
or your bubbly personality?
whatever it is, dont stop
they day you leave my life is the day i watch my heart
shatter on the floor

Monday, June 29, 2009

Slow Down

dont rush through life
theres no reason to

if you take it slow
youll know just what to do
pay attention to
life all around you
if you go slow enough
youll see everything is unique
take your time
walk down the street
and youll notice...
people's paces
birds faces
flowers blooming
airplanes zooming
or even a butterfly's erratic flight
through the patterned starry night
so stop and look around you
'cause you may notice things you've never seen before

This Life

This life i have
is just a stage

This life i have
is like a book
Each day is a page
that needs to be turned
Start each one as a new
each page is different
out-of-the-ordinary things occur
As you turn and turn
you never know whats going to happen
always expecting some special
Twists and turns
Lessons learned
This life i have has just turned

Whenever We're Together

I wrote this song a really long time ago but i thought i would just put it up

Whenever you look at me
You make all my problems disappear
everythings okay now that we're together again

you make me feel so special
me and you together
we crash and collide 'til we're in harmony
wheneve i see you
you make me feel like im on cloud nine
you give me the wings to soar above the sky
with you i feel amazing
whenever we touch theres a special kind of spark between us
your smile makes me wana melt right there
whenever i see your face
i find my composure
my heart beats faster and faster whenever im near you
whwnever we're together we'll make it last forever
together we're unstoppable
i wanna be with you forever and ever
we can do anything we want
if we just believe we can
whenever we're together


Gotta be who i am

no more hiding the truth
im gunna show you who i was meant to be
today is my day
no more getting bossed around
no more following the crowd
no more blending in with everyone around me
im gunna follow my own beat
im sick of the same status quo
im a different person now
im breaking free and flying away
so now i'll prove who i am
i'll stand alone from the crowd
show my independence from all of you
I'll never be mistaken for anyone else


Just live
live in the moments that take your breath away
always smile
smile like you're taking a picture
just laugh
laugh like theres no tomorrow
always love
love like you've never been hurt
dance like nobodys watching you
walk to edge and always push yourself
never stop believing
follow your heart and be different