Monday, July 20, 2009


F riends are like diamonds, they are different and sparkle in their unique way
R egreting nothing with them and loving them forever
I wouldnt be able to live without these people
E ven though they are crazy, they mean the world to me
N o matter what, they'll be my my side
D efending each other
S acrificing time and love for each other

A friends is a person attached to another by feeling of attraction or personal reguard
R emembering stupid things that mean a lot
E ach one special like a snowflake

G oofing around with each other like little kids
O r comforting one another through thick and thin
D elightful to be around
S culpting each others lives in ways unimagineable

W arm-hearted and always sweet
A lways ready to help
Y outhful energetic people

O ne of a kind
F eeling loved with them around

"A friend in need is a friend indeed"
P retending to be superheros, saving the world
O pened up to talk for each other
L oving each other from here 'til the end of the world
O utgoing and daring
G reatful for one another
I nspiration comes from those who love you; friends
Z ero negativity with them
I mpossible to forget
N aturally sweet
G enerous

F orgiving at times
O riginal
"R eal friends walk in, when the rest of the world walks out"

F riends forever, boys whatever
A flock of birds that fly together are like friends that never leave each others side
M y friends are the greatest and i couldnt live without them
I ntelligent and hard-working students
L ucky to have them
Y our siblings for life


Sometimes you just want to run
run away to another world
where the sun always shines and problems dont exist
when you run away you leave all your problems behind
but you also leave the people who love you,
the moments worth living,
and the friends that mean the world to you
so as you leave behind the old problems
you make new ones
running and running youre never safe
theres always something waiting to hurt you
either way, youll end up losing the battle
dont regret anything and just live your life


ill forget you when
stars dont shine
people arent different
laughs dont exist
minds never wonder
the sun burns out
smiles turn upsdie down
the sky isnt blue
the grass isnt green
flowers never bloom
love turns into hate
thunder never booms
and rivers dont flow
thats when ill forget you and let you cease to exist in my mind
thanks for being so caring and always being there for me, J&J


Tomorrow will be a brighter day
where i forget today;
dont regret anything i say;
and never fret about betrey
Tomorrow wont be filled sorrow
Only smiles to keep and borrow
Tomorrow will be a day thats new
where i will carry through with promises to you
and always be true no matter what intrudes
Tomorrow will be a better time
where my dreams will climb to become prime
when all my worries and fears will be sublime
Hopefully tomorrow will come in no time

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Without You

When youre not with me
I fall to pieces
Theres an empty feeling inside of me
Having you not in my life, i feel lonely
Other than missing you, i return to my past; without you
Unadjusting to my new old life, i never imagined life without you
The time anticiapting your return is unbearable

You mean the world to me
Originally perfect
Understanding each other

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Rain

drop, drip
drop, as i watch
the water fall from
the sky, it reminds me
of a sprinkler on a hot summer
day, refreshing and cool; replenishing
and blue, drip drop goes the water slapping
on the ground, tapping on the floor with lots of
sound including claps and bright streaks from up in the sky
when the commotion is over, the skies turn blue and everything
is cool; the clouds turn white and light and a belt of radiant colors appear;
From the dark and driery olden days; to colorful bright todays

Someone's There

When i feel i cant go on
theres someone there
right by my side
to push me harder
he is always there to
to light and guard me
through the paths
that have created obstacles for me
I know i'm never alone
because i feel him always with me
hes there to protect me
i put my faith and trust into him
even though i cant see him
When im frightened
that i cant move
Its he, who relieves me of my fear
He is my guardian angel, watching over me

♥dad; always in our hearts♥