Thursday, November 26, 2009

when you look at me

do you ever think of what we could be?
The sweet memories we could make,
or the thrilling breaths we could take...together...
or is it just me?
my heart melts, my head races, my hands shake;
all because you smiled at me.
Wont you just take my hand
and together we'll fly away
and make a great escape.
Put your trust in me and jump.
Take a chance and hold your breath
to fall into me.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What is this feeling

in the center of my heart
i feel like theres just a hole
and its been ripped apart.
I cry for you every night
wishing you were with me
cause we used to be so tight.
i miss you
and i dont know if you saw, but
what we had was true.
Moving on is so hard
when i know i want to wait for you
but we know its more than just a yard.
I use my 11:11 wishes on you,
my 4 leaf clovers cause im missing you,
and my shooting stars because im in love with you.
You were always there for me to catch me when i fell
you mean the world to me
you could always tell
when i was down because my heart was breaking
because everyone was always faking
about who they are or what they do
but u were always one that was true.
I wish i could go back in time and change this
because nothing can be worse than this feeling of heartbreak

Saturday, November 14, 2009

how do you

keep going on, when inside, youre hurting?
You put on a fake smile and say "im great"
even though you are the furthest thing from great.
Your heart aches and your head pounds
All you want to do is to fall through the floor and disappear
You feel defeated in every way possible and dont know what to do
You feel youre slowly dying a painful death
And sometimes all you need is a wake up call and realize, youre not the only one who has it rough

Im Sorry

im not perfect
im sorry that i fell for someone who didnt catch me
im sorry for lying to myself about how i felt
because the truth is that i was totally in love with him
but thats over
im done thinking non stop about him.
im done texting him all the time when i know i wont get a response.
i thought that fairy tales were real but now i know why they're labeled "fantasy"
my knight in shining armour turned out to be like every other guy out there;
some loser in aluminum foil.
im sorry i gave up my life for him and how stupid i was.
im sorry i even thought of waiting for him because i see hes moved on
and so should i.
im sorry i even took a chance because all im left with is a broken heart
and most of all, im sorry i never learned to say "fuck you" nicely

**not about me..for my friend whos boyfriend was a jerk**

Sunday, October 18, 2009

not a poem

hi no longer blogging poems or anything ..i dont know how to delete this blog so im just guna leave it alone can delete it from your pc or whatever...just thought i would inform u all all the poets out there: never give up and follow your heart....keep writing :) ...bye

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Here i am

and what you see is what you get
and what you learn about me, is what there is;
nothing more, nothing less
simple as life; live, enjoy, die.
These eyes dont tell lies;
they scream my past, present, and future.
You look deep into them, and you see right through me.
After one good look, youll know exactly who i am;
the mountains i climbed;
the bridges i burned;
the ways i walked;
and how i talked;
i dont regret anything i did because at that moment;
it mustve been something i meant.
I cant be someone, i am not.
And neither you or i cant change what was meant to be.
When i look in the mirror
i see the true lies
i thought were me
but then i realize they are the outline of my life.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Find Myself

remembering when we hung out everyday
doing homework, having laughs, playing
soccer, riding bikes. Remember
feeling bad for those kids
we watched sit alone at lunch, planning to
join them to make them feel wanted?
Remember finding me, waiting
for you, at your locker to walk to classes
together? We'd like teasing each other
and fooling around. Now i find myself
missing you being happy because
of the lack of love you recievce and give.
When one thing started, i dropped you
and left you in the dirt to slowly die out.
I watcha you from afar, hoping
our relationship will be mended in time
and i realize the mess i made and that
theres much more beyond this door
we have to fix. I do regret leaving our
friendship and i'm sorry for leaving
you out there on your own.