Sunday, October 4, 2009

Here i am

and what you see is what you get
and what you learn about me, is what there is;
nothing more, nothing less
simple as life; live, enjoy, die.
These eyes dont tell lies;
they scream my past, present, and future.
You look deep into them, and you see right through me.
After one good look, youll know exactly who i am;
the mountains i climbed;
the bridges i burned;
the ways i walked;
and how i talked;
i dont regret anything i did because at that moment;
it mustve been something i meant.
I cant be someone, i am not.
And neither you or i cant change what was meant to be.
When i look in the mirror
i see the true lies
i thought were me
but then i realize they are the outline of my life.