Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Find Myself

remembering when we hung out everyday
doing homework, having laughs, playing
soccer, riding bikes. Remember
feeling bad for those kids
we watched sit alone at lunch, planning to
join them to make them feel wanted?
Remember finding me, waiting
for you, at your locker to walk to classes
together? We'd like teasing each other
and fooling around. Now i find myself
missing you being happy because
of the lack of love you recievce and give.
When one thing started, i dropped you
and left you in the dirt to slowly die out.
I watcha you from afar, hoping
our relationship will be mended in time
and i realize the mess i made and that
theres much more beyond this door
we have to fix. I do regret leaving our
friendship and i'm sorry for leaving
you out there on your own.